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The answers to your questions

Why choose a geodesic dome greenhouse?
  • The look alone is worthed.  
  • The structure is unequivocally resistant to bad weather,  strong winds, earthquake
        and snow accumulation
  • They are also a solution to save our material resources
  • The half sphere configuration gives the opportunity for the light to retract 
      and this one stays inside the domes longer.
  • Your harvests will receive light permanently, either throughout
    the day from morning to evening given the 360° surface.

  • Another advantage of geodesic domes is that you can install them
    anywhere on your land. The sun will retract on one of the many faces
    and will bring the perfect brightness to your plants.

  • Our greenhouses are light and can be easily moved
  • Our greenhouses use 40% less materials than a traditional greenhouse, for example.
       therefore they reduce our ecological footprint.
  •   The shape allows a larger volume to be built using less materials.
  •   The dome keeps the heat inside without it
    escapes and promotes air circulation more efficiently;
Why aluminum?
  • Aluminum is fully moisture proof.
  • Aluminum is the only 100% recyclable material.
  • Aluminum does not rust.
  • Aluminum is very strong despite the lightness.
Go from seed to abundance!
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