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Here are several options and accessories that will make your new greenhouse even more efficient!
Treated wood base
The greenhouse itself does not require a foundation, but must be perfectly leveled.

The wooden base is used to anchor  your greenhouse to the ground and thus prevent it from moving. Additionnally, it gives you an extra elevation which makes the space even more enjoyable to garden.

We use treated wood to protect it from rot, fungus, mold and insect infestation.
  Automatic window opener
Provide your plants with a comfortable environment with this window opener. The window can also be closed manually.

Installing the temperature controlled vent opener allows your window to open by itself. It features a heat-sensitive solar vent, which automatically expands or shrinks the vent as the temperature changes.

This window opener is a great addition to keep the greenhouse at the desired temperature range and especially to enjoy a gentle summer breeze!

Flora bella   $254.95

Oasis            $299.95


Culvert gardening box
Planter for gardening measuring 30'' height, 18'' wide and a length of 48’’.
*Made in workshop, dimensions can be adjusted to customer needs*

A unique, durable and very robust garden planter. Enjoy gardening easily without having to bend over with a high rise planter. The structure is made of treated wood and the interior is made of a double-walled plastic culvert with a lifespan of 100 years. Your crops will never be waterlogged because the bottom of each tray is perforated to allow better drainage. The dark color of the culvert allows maximum heat and improves growth potential.

These bins are very easy to use and offer a large production capacity for your vegetables, flowers and any other plants of your choice.
Aluminum garden box
Gardening box with a height of 34'', a wide of 20'' and a length of 48''.

Add a spark of elegance to your gardening with these beautiful handmade, all-aluminum planters. These bins are waterproof and can withstand bad weather thanks to their solidity and resistance to corrosion. They are designed for standing gardening, lightweight and easy to clean. Make your urban garden shine with a modern look.

Also, did you know that aluminum is 100% reclyclable!



Stone garden wall
The dimensions vary according to your needs.

Let your imagination run wild and build the garden of your dreams by adding a custom stone wall to your liking. It's up to you to decide which height works best for you. This partition thus formed will quickly become the charming asset of your greenhouse. Choose the stone of your choice and let our team of experts implement a magnificent mineral shield to accommodate your beloved plants.

Treat yourself to the design of your choice in order to contemplate the result at each visit!
Misting cooling system
This system includes:
  • Patio misting kit with mist line, nozzles brass misting and adapters brass (3/4'').
  • Leakproof compression fittings, UV coated flexible PE tubing.
  • Copper nozzles for a smooth mist spray compared to copper nozzlesCheap plastic.
  • Instantly refresh your greenhouse at the hottest summer temperature.
  • DIY kit, easy to install, attaches to all pipes and faucets standards beforeec 3/4'' faucet connections.

Give your plants a relaxing massage with this soothing mist watering system. This eco-friendly, energy-efficient facility runs on city water pressure; i.e. 40-100 psi. Cooling misters are used to maintain a mild temperature in your greenhouse. Your vegetable garden will receive the necessary water throughout the day without being flooded.

The price is personalized according to the desired layout.


Sprinkler water system kit
Ventilation system
And thermostat
This kit includes:
  • 4 ways to split, 2 kinds of drip emitters, 1 way/2 way/4 way tubing connector.
  • Adjustable drippers and nozzles, control the water flow for precise watering by rotating the nozzles.
  • Flexible and durable tube with UV coating for weather resistance.
  • Includes all the essentials for drip irrigation.

This easy-to-use system is suitable for all gardening. The system includes 2 types of drip emitters, which can be adjusted for different irrigation modes, such as micro-drip, spray, sprinkler, etc. The precise watering system can solve the problem of watering plants in different places. The spray nozzle can be individually adjusted to your own parameters and needs.

Enjoy your months of gardening with peace of mind. Watering yourplants, fruits and shrubs will be done without you having to worry about it.


This system is the perfect addition to remove excess heat and humidity in your greenhouse.

The system includes a 14'' fan with high speed ventilation of 1650 RPM and 1000 CFM. We install this fan at a window and will be regulated with a thermostat to optimize cooling. It is made with corrosion resistant aluminum collets and blades. Automatic gravity shutters open and close in combination with fan operation. The fully enclosed motor is thermally protected and permanently lubricated.

With this high-quality fan, the desired temperature can be controlled easily and without problems!


Geotextile membrane


Set your greenhouse to your desired temperature and maintain your desired humidity level with this high quality 2-in-1 thermostat.

This thermostat captures the temperature from -40°C to 120°C and the humidity range is 1%RH to 100%RH. It features a large LCD screen with 3 simple buttons, and a pre-wired design which makes it easier to use. In addition, it is equipped with a double relay output to control temperature and humidity equipment at the same time. The display is in Celsius or Fahrenheit and easy to adjust. Temperature and humidity alarms are also available. Another useful function is that it can save the original setting values in case of accidental power off.

Provide the perfect temperature for your plants, all without worries! 


The forest canvas is the ideal addition if you want to plant in a container.

The canvas is made of polypropylene fiber. Said fabric is tear-resistant but at the same time permeable. Water, humidity and air penetrate the fabric and thus allow your floor to breathe. It acts as a barrier against weeds while providing excellent soil retention. You can cover it with cedar mulch, river rocks, decorative stones or simply leave it uncovered.

The canvas makes cleaning easy and keeps the environment pleasing to the eye as you reach your gardening goals!

Oasis              $249.95
Flora bella     $169.95

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