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Who are we?

For more than 10 years, our team has provided hundreds of families with the best   chicken coops in Canada as well as   shelters of all kinds. Our creneau has always been food self-sufficiency,  it is for this reason that, in a logical sequence, we now offer you the best greenhouses on the market.

Always keeping our philosophy of impeccable service,

of a sustainable product, we now make it easy for you to take another step towards food independence.  

Rest assured that throughout your experience, the support of our team will be unconditional.

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Geotextile fabric
The geotextile fabric is perfect if you want to plant directly on the ground.

The canvas is made of lightweight professional polypropylene fiber. The fabric is permeable. Water, humidity and air penetrate the fabric and thus allow your floor to breathe. It acts as a barrier against weeds while providing excellent soil retention. You can cover it with cedar mulch or leave it uncovered.

The canvas makes cleaning easy and keeps the environment pleasing to the eye as you reach your gardening goals!

0.25$ of footedge 

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